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  • Local search marketing for small businesses has changed in 2016.

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Stop Getting Screwed by Big Marketing Firms

The Big Online Marketers Have Figured Out a Way to Get Into Your Back Pocket Forever!

Plumbers and HVAC contractors, local businesses now have a choice. You aren’t limited to companies like Hulu, Reachlocal, Yodle, and others.

Avoid “Too Good to Be True” Website Offers

First of all, don’t fall for the low priced website they will build for you. IF IT SOUNDS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE, IT IS. Their $0 down or two or three hundred down and monthly payments of “yada-yada” go on FOREVER. In five years, tell me how much that cheap website wound up costing you? Try $6,000! And, its still not yours! (I won’t mention that it still gets almost no traffic… Well, I guess I just did.)

Instead, have a quality built WEBSITE THAT YOU OWN. Build on it by adding content every month. Benefit from the traffic it brings year after year, without monthly fees. It’s yours! It makes the phone ring and will continue to do so, with minimal updating from time to time, to keep it fresh.

 Local Business Listings

Don’t let anyone but you, or me working on your behalf,  claim your business listings! They use their domain name, NOT YOURS, their phone number, NOT YOURS. Then they use your company name and address, confusing Google and hurting SEO. You don’t want to confuse Google!

Alternatively, I will claim local business listings (including Google+, Bing Local, Yahoo Local) for you, with YOUR PHONE NUMBER and YOUR DOMAIN NAME, your address and your company name. The benefit to you is that all the work done is your. Nothing changes if we part ways. These precious, traffic generating, Google believing citations (local listings) have your correct company name, address, domain url, and phone number, not ours and definitely not theirs.

In case you were wondering, if you stop paying the big search marketers, the phone number and website will be shut off or given to another local contractor. Your company’s local listings will still be wrong for years to come. Potential clients may be led to believe you must have gone out of business.

When it comes to other contractor marketing firms, they claim the listings “for you”. Then you are obligated to pay for the phone calls (because they own the website and phone number) for ever! We think that’s just wrong!

*Hulu, ReachLocal, Yodle are trade names owned by the respective companies. They are mentioned here on an editorial basis only. They offer a service that is similar to MicroManaged Media, Inc. Our goal here is to inform contractors/small businesses.
We’ve worked with Bob for 5 or 6 years now. We started using his company for all our marketing on the internet just as U.S. economy was tanking. Las Vegas was hit especially hard. Yet our sells grew phenomenally.

Phone Leads Are The Lifeblood of a Plumbing and HVAC

Priority One: Make Phone Ring

No matter what a contractor marketing firm does, they should not lose site of the fact that you need your phone ringing. Prospective clients need to find you on the internet when they are looking for “air conditioning repair”. Once at your site, you have three seconds to get their confidence that your services are able top satisfy their need.

The prospect will not care what you look like, what your favorite sport is, etc. They want to see reviews, Better Business Bureau ratings, Youtube videos of you talking about their problem.

I have been in your shoes. More than a decade ago, I was marketing a product throughout the United States. I wanted to capitalize on this “new thing” called the internet. I’ve spent ten thousand dollars on a website that never made a single sale! I know what it means to be taken advantage of by internet marketing companies.

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Profitable Business From Internet Marketing

You are a small business. Getting lost in the maze of chaos at a large marketing company is not for you. This is NOT some big company. Some of our happiest clients are their former customers.

When you need help, I give it. Imagine a full time internet marketing guru sitting in the office next to you, without the full time salary.

I’ll ask a few questions to see where you stand and together, we’ll map out your marketing plan that you can afford and is profitable.

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