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mobileLook at the size of the Yellow Pages Book delivered to your office or home. Its getting smaller and the reason is that most of the once prestigious books wind up in the garbage can without ever making it into your house. So where does that leave your small business? In the past, that was where your customers came from.

Google Adwords Made Easy

It is a misconception that Google AdWords advertising is not an efficacious tactic for small and medium-sized businesses. The fact is that this is an effective and affordable promotional medium. Even a person or organization with low budget can benefit from it, if they plan effectively. From emerging entrepreneurs to local businesses, campaigns with low cost AdWords have the potential to bolster your enterprise and distinguish you from the competition. Read more.

According to Nielsen / NetRatings, there are 157 million internet users and 127 million of them are active search engine users. They look up movie schedules, the latest news and dentists, a/c contractors and plumbers. Things they use to look up in the Yellow Pages they now Google it. The problem is that most small businesses have web sites that do not rank high enough in the search engine results (SERPs) to be found.

Missing Opportunities and Wasting Advertising Dollars

You can’t afford to miss the opportunities the web offers. Small businesses do not have large promotion and marketing budgets and we understand that. What you must understand is that online marketing out performs TV, radio and print media (newspapers, magazines and yellow page ads). To increase your search engine visibility, you can learn to do search engine optimization yourself, but like most tasks, it is usually best to hire a SEM/SEO consultant like MicroManaged Media, Inc. Our specialists can create your website, create content and constantly perform search engine optimizing techniques with consistency to get your clients to find you on the web.

MicroManaged Media, Inc. Takes the Risk Out of Search Engine Marketing

You spent a lot of money on a site that no one can find unless they type your exact name into the search engine box. Other than giving you a professional web presence, what good is it?

There are two things you as a small business owner must understand about web sites:

  • There is the part you see, which is very important,
  • There is the part you don’t see, which is even more important.

So often, companies want to get on the web because its the thing to do. Its the new yellow page ad. Every one of your competitors are there. Your clients and prospective clients are there. As a small business. you can’t afford not to be there, too.

Small Business Sites Must Be Seen to Be Heard

That’s when you came across that web site that for just $39.95 a month, you could have a professional and down right beautiful web site in just a few clicks. So you jumped in. It looks great. But only you can find it. So, like the proverbial tree in the forest that fell, instead of asking does anyone hear it?, you ask does anyone see my site? No.

Rank Well in Google to Be Heard

Our web sites are about just one thing: conversions. A conversion, in this case, is the person that just searched for your service or product to buy from you. First they must find you. Then they must like what they see and then they must act, be that pick up the phone or call you for an appointment.

That can’t happen if they don’t find your web site in the top two or three organic listing in Google. Yes there are other search engines, and their traffic will be important to the success of your business. But Google gets almost 70% of all the searches. That’s what makes the search engine so important to local small businesses.

Small Budget Great (SERPS) Results

Call today to find out how you can promote your small business on a small budget. Our staff will drive more clients to your business from folks that never heard of you before you became listed high in the search engines for keywords that people use when they are ready to buy you product or service.

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